Established in 2018

Here at Mission Electric, we've always been fans of alternative, sustainable transportation. Living in New England, it isn't always possible to walk or take public transportation to meet all of your daily needs. Most often, people hop in their cars to commute to work, buy groceries, or explore beautiful neighboring towns. We think there's a better way of living here in New England and of moving around our cities: e-bikes! E-bikes let you pedal as much as you want to, but give you the support you need when traveling up steep hills, commuting long distances, or hauling heavy cargo. So yes, e-bikes are an affordable, sustainable car alternative (no more gas, insurance, or car tax!). They are also an absolute blast to ride. We believe that e-bikes are the future of how we'll all get around. They are good for the planet, good for people, and good for our communities.