We want to rethink the way we move around our cities.


When my wife and I moved from Brooklyn to Providence two years ago, we were thrilled to trade the New York hustle for Rhode Island beaches.  We were anxious to explore the beautiful coastal towns of New England and were ready to become a part of the local community. We settled right in town, positioning ourselves conveniently close to our new favorite restaurants and hangouts. Though after a few months of living here, we realized that it wasn’t completely possible to walk or take public transportation to meet all of our daily needs.  We didn’t want to have to get in our car to commute to work, buy groceries, or explore the beautiful neighboring towns, and became obsessed with finding a better way of living our lives here in New England.


We’ve always been fans of alternative, sustainable transportation.  After beginning my career in the solar industry, I went on to work for Citi Bike, the largest bike share program in the United States. My time in operations management and product development in both industries have always kept me questioning how can we adapt our transportation systems to better engage with our communities and support healthy lifestyles.


Excited to find a greener way of getting around (and ready to relieve ourselves of monthly car payments), we thought that life on two wheels would be the answer.  But we needed a two-wheel option that could meet all of our needs as well as tackle the steep hills of Providence on a daily basis. The solution? An e-bike.


The e-bike enables you to do all of the pedaling you want but gives you the support you need when traveling up steep hills, commuting long distances, or hauling heavy cargo. Not only are e-bikes an affordable, sustainable transportation alternative, but they are an absolute blast to ride.  We believe that e-bikes are the future of how we get around.


Stop by for a test ride or join us for our Thursday night cruises around town!




Tyler and Emily