E-bikes are just like regular bikes except that they have a small electric motor and battery supply. The e-bike enables you to do all of the pedaling you want, but gives you the support you need when traveling up steep hills, commuting long distances, or hauling heavy cargo. Not only are e-bikes an affordable, sustainable transportation alternative, but they are an absolute blast to ride.  We believe that e-bikes are the future of how we get around!

Motor- The electric motor of an e-bike can be located in the front or rear hub of the wheel, or it can be located in the middle of the bike (mid-drive). 

Example of a rear wheel hub motor:

Example of a front hub motor:

Example of a mid-drive system:

Battery- Most e-bikes use lithium-ion batteries because they offer a long, maintenance free life and impressive power density. The batteries can be mounted in a few different configurations on the bike. Some are mounted on the down tube of the frame, on the rear rack of the bike above the rear wheel, or are integrated into the frame so that they are barely noticeable.

Example of a frame mounted battery:

Example of a rack mounted battery:

Controller and remote- The controller manages the overall operation of the drive system and is usually hidden away inside the casing of the drive unit or in the bike frame someplace.  The remote is usually located on the handlebars and allows the rider to adjust the level of assist and view system data.

Example of a remote with display:


Example of a remote and separate display:

Example of a simple remote:

Torque sensor- Measures the riders input so that the drive system knows what the rider is intending to do. When the rider pushes harder on the pedals, the system will know to give additional assistance.


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